Precision Roof Consulting, LLC provides a variety of consulting services to insurance adjusters, attorneys, contractors, and engineering firms. For questions regarding services we provide, please call our office

at (407) 583-0556.


Forensic Engineering

Specializing in insurance claims involving storm damage assessment, Precision Roof Consulting can provide consultation services to determine cause and extent of damage to almost any type of roof system. We investigate damages that originate from issues such as weather events, design problems, incidental and intentional mechanical damage, maintenance issues, manufacturing defects, and many other problems that could be present to a roof system in Florida's harsh weather conditions. As many claims involve both damage to the exterior and interior, we are also experienced and knowledgable in consulting on interior scopes to mitigate damages caused by roof leaks.




Roof Estimates

During roof inspection reports, it typically boils down to the numbers. At Precision, we employ the best resources industry wide to get you a quality report- with precise estimation. We keep our pricing lists updated to ensure our commitment of an accurate estimate from start to finish. 




Appraisal /

Umpire Services

Some insurance policies allow for a form of mediation called 'Appraisal'. If there is a disagreement in the value of a claim presented by the insured and the insurer and this is an option available in the policy, appraisal can be requested. An independent appraiser represents each side, and an agreement can be made between the two appraisers as to the total value of the damage. If an agreement cannot be reached, a mutually agreed upon 'Umpire' is engaged to settle differences in damage estimates between the two appraisers. Joe Graham has been certified by the WIND Insurance Network as both an appraiser and umpire who can competently perform both services.



Expert Witness Services

It is inevitable in dealing in any type of property claim that disputes will arise between insured and insurer. Roofing is no different. We have the knowledge and experience to competently testify on storm related damage to roofing systems. Owner, Joe Graham has testified in more than a dozen depositions as well as multiple jury trials.











Roof Tile Identification

Locating the matching profile tile for a roof repair can cost adjusters valuable time and resources. We have consolidated our collective experience to ensure the proper identification and optional availability of all roof tile profiles, discontinued or in production.